New Books

My new book, Must Love Murder, will be coming out soon. Wanna read it for free before it launches? Just join my mailing list, and I’ll send you an advanced reader copy to review.

Note: This is a digital copy. I’ll also send along instructions for side-loading it to your Kindle. Please remember to review the book on Amazon within the next few weeks once you get it. And when you do write your review, please remember to include the fact that you received the copy free for your honest review (those are FCC rules, and Amazon’s).

Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book. Reviews and word-of-mouth are so important to authors because they’re our two best ways of marketing.

And now… about the book:

Must Love Murder: A Sketchy Matchmaker Mystery

Blank bookcover with clipping path


Matches, meet your maker…

Marcie hates men. All men, she doesn’t discriminate. Her husband of 20 years left her for her younger boss, causing Marcie to get fired. So, of course, that means all men are evil, love is a sham, and life should be enjoyed in comfy sweatpants with a gallon of Rocky Road by your side.

But with three kids and a junk drawer full of bills, Marcie needs a job fast. And her sketchy aunt is the only one hiring… for the matchmaking club she just started. But she says it’s a “totally legitimate business this time.”

As if pretending to care about love wasn’t hard enough, when her aunt’s neighbor starts snooping into the “legitimate business” and ends up dead, her aunt becomes the main suspect.

And Marcie finds she needs to become the perfect match for murder…