Ghosts of Landover Series

Fun ghost mystery books

When your lying, cheating ex dies and leaves you a house, you might want to think twice about it…

Carly was living in her mother’s basement after her divorce when her ex-husband died and left her his house. But as soon as she signs the paperwork on the spooky, old Victorian, she finds out why they say nothing is ever free in life.

Her dead ex-husband is haunting the place, and wanting her to solve his murder.

It was the first time she discovered she could talk to dead people, but it wasn’t the last. Turns out, there are a lot of ghosts in Landover who need her strong mediumship abilities to solve their murder mysteries.

But Carly’s not like other mediums. She doesn’t just talk to dead people to solve their cases. She channels with them to merge energy, access their memories, and relive their murders one by one like she was there, essentially channeling through time with ghosts to help them.


Here are the books in the series so far: